Enrolment process

Enrolment Forms

We firmly believe that choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. For this reason, we ask that you take the time to read all relevant enrolment documents to ensure that you are making an informed choice.

Admission is subject to a personal parent/carer interview with the Principal. Please contact the College Office on (07) 4942 7455 to arrange an appointment. You will need to supply copies of the following documents to support your application:

  • a. Birth Certificate
  • b. Previous school reports (if applicable – to be supplied before the interview)
  • c. Immunisation Certificates (if available)
  • d. Legal documents relating to special family circumstances, e.g. AVO
  • e. Passport and visa, if applicant or parents are not Australian citizens.

Enrolment Policy

Schools within the Queensland Adventist Education System collect personal information about pupils and their parents/guardians before and during the course of a pupil’s enrolment in school. The primary purpose for collecting this information is to enable the school to provide schooling for your son/daughter. We comply with the Privacy legislation relating to private sector organisations effective from 21 December, 2001.

Please complete all the enrolment information as requested by the school. It is all important and useful information and enables the school to fulfill its duty of care. It is stored securely (both electronic and hard copy) and used for school administrative purposes only. If you do not complete any part of the information requested it might have some bearing on how the school is able to respond to, and meet the individual needs of each student/family. In particular, it is a requirement that health information is accurate and up to date and so we may, from time to time, request medical reports about your child/ren. A photograph of each child may be attached to the student records.

Personal information obtained by the school is for use of the school in the first instance, but may be disclosed to others for administrative and educational purposes. This includes to other schools, government departments, medical practitioners and others providing services to the schools, including visiting specialist teachers and volunteers. Information may also be used for the compilation or analysis of statistics relative to public health or public safety. If the school has reason to suspect that unlawful activity has been, is being or may be engaged in, information relevant to such activities may be shared with the appropriate authorities.

On occasions information such as academic and sporting achievements, pupil activities and other news is published in school Newsletters, magazines and on our websites.

We may include your contact details in a class list and school directory. If you do not agree you must advise the school.

If you provide the school with information of others, such as doctors or emergency contacts, we encourage you to inform them that you are disclosing this information to the school and why, so they can access that information if they wish and inform the school not to disclose the information to third parties.

You may have access to your stored information for the purposes of checking its accuracy by contacting the school secretary in the first instance. If there are items that you consider need updating or correcting, you have the right to request such changes be made. Access may be denied where it could have an unreasonable impact on the privacy of others, where it may result in a breach of the school’s duty of care to the pupil, or where pupils have provided information in confidence. Information will not be disclosed to third parties for fundraising or marketing purposes without your consent.

A copy of the Queensland Adventist Education System Privacy Policy is available from your school.