More Than Books

At Carlisle, we believe that for a child, or student, to truly prepare for life beyond school, they need more than just books and curriculum. So, as a way of encouraging our students to become well-rounded adults, we have developed a few co-curricular programs which involve activities and learning experiences that complement, what our students are learning in the classroom.


Agricultural Training, or ‘gardening’ to our students, is a key feature of the co-curricular program at Carlisle. The program starts in Prep and can be continued right through to the end of Year 12, if the child wishes. Here, the children can learn about nature and science and the world around them. They can form culinary connections and appreciate the value of growing their own produce. Most importantly, they learn the value of team work is they work together to grow their gardens.

“If God says it is good we should follow suit.  15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Gen 2:15

Service to Others

Service to others is at the core of any Adventist College education, across Australia. Each year, under the guidance of their teachers, classes make a Service Plan for improving the community or helping those in need. Projects range from aged care home visitation to yard clean-up, to fundraising, to STORM Co projects and anything else the students may dream up. So far, the impact on the students themselves has far outweighed the obvious benefits to others.


M – Meet New Friends

E – Eat Good Food

S – Sports and Games

H – Help A Friend

M.E.S.H is a Free high grades (grades 5 and up) event that is held once a month during the school term.

Starting at 5:00pm with games, sports and fun. A BBQ dinner with cold drinks before gathering for singing and a message from a guest speaker. Hot milo and dessert is served after. Finishing at 7:30pm

Come along and bring a friend – EVERYONE IS WELCOME!


An after-school program is offered to high school aged girls called Sisterhood. 

Through mentorship, this program aims to connect and empower young females within our community. Open to females from pre-teen onwards, our students will discuss teenage issues such as relationships, self-esteem, identity, peer pressure, healthy living and how God can be a part of our everyday lives.

This is no judgement zone where the girls can enjoy the relaxed environment, sharing their thoughts, watching video clips, eating snacks and affirming each other through strong peer-bonded relationships and understanding.


At Carlisle we believe that music is a valuable part of education and development.  There are various music lessons that are offered both privately and as an elective.  There are also two active choirs – the senior choir, and the primary choir which often participate in the Eisteddfod program.

Private lessons are offered in:

  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Violin
  • Drums

Music items are often performed at various school functions such as speech night, school concert, annual church visits and family fun days.

Learning to read and play music can help a child express their passion through creativity and movement while also developing enhanced cognitive functioning and building their self esteem. Our music teachers are passionate about developing children’s love of music.