Nurture for today

A child needs to feel secure and valued to achieve their best. They also need to appreciate that hard work and self-discipline can lead them to greatness. For children to achieve their best, while learning these valuable lessons, they need an encouraging, safe, collaborative and nurturing environment.

Ridicule and bullying can destroy that willingness to try, to ‘have a go’, which often lies at the base of success and genius. Such negative attitudes certainly have no place in At Carlisle Adventist College. Our school is a place where we encourage and foster respect, cooperative learning and excellence.

Learning for tomorrow

Education is more than the experience at school. Before each child lies a future rich in challenges and opportunities but also in dangers and deceptions. Education should prepare a child to recognise and evaluate things so they can embrace one and reject the other.

Education certainly must equip each child with knowledge and skills. These are the foundation on which they can continue to build and the tools for accessing that which they need from a world where knowledge is continually progressing and expanding. But education must do more than this. It must teach them to be discerning, to evaluate that which they encounter and to make judgments about worth and value. The ability to think for oneself, and firm values to guide that thinking, are among the most valuable assets an education can provide.

School teaching programmes include the teaching of thinking skills as well as ample opportunities for students to practise higher-level thinking and making judgments. This does not, however, come at the expense of basic skills in literacy and numeracy. Sufficient time is set aside to ensure a thorough development of these skills and there is on-going, college-wide evaluation of student development to ensure that any difficulties are identified and dealt with as soon as possible.

Character for eternity

When choosing a school for your child you are making an important choice about your child’s future and should consider what in life is of real worth.

We all appreciate the importance of abilities and talents in helping us build a successful life but on their own they cannot achieve this. Ability without honesty, integrity and respect for others will never lead to true success.

At Carlisle Adventist College, we value character as much as we value anything else. You can be assured that we place just as high a level on character development as we do on academic success. The learning and living of values, respect and courtesy are not left to chance. Helping and encouraging the students to become caring, compassionate citizens of our Mackay community – and even our nation –  and to develop characters for eternity, is central to what we do and who we are at Carlisle Adventist College.

The aim of Carlisle Adventist Christian College is to promote a redemptive relationship between each student and Jesus Christ as an integrated part of their academic, social and physical development.
  • Encourage students to love and follow Jesus
  • Promote an environment of respect and acceptance
  • Empower students to do their very best
  • Doing Your Best: Living for God’s glory
  • Serving Others: Caring at all costs
  • Humility: Accepting my achievements without boasting
  • Respect: Thinking of and behaving well towards others
  • Honesty and Trustworthiness: Living at peace with myself
  • A Fair Go: Seeking the right
  • Truth and Wisdom: Making wise choices
  • Responsibility: Owning my actions
  • Innovation: Finding a way
  • Everything with God: God’s power, God’s way (1 Corinthians 13)
At Carlisle Adventist Christian College we have a set of values for students known as THE CARLISLE WAY. There are four certificates presented at the weekly assembly to students who have demonstrated these values. The students who are awarded these certificates also receive a Tuckshop voucher.