The First Protestant Church in Mackay

Carlisle Adventist College has been situated in the Mackay District for over 70 years and was the first Protestant Primary School in the area. Carlisle first started out in 1951 in the Church Hall at the rear of the Central Mackay Church in Milton Street, with an enrolment of 22 children. We have a thriving community that is community minded. We strive to encourage, learn and develop ourselves for a better service to others, within and without our community. In 2006 the school relocated to Holts Road. From 2015 to 2017 enrolment numbers doubled and in 2018 Year 11 was added. The following year in 2019 was the first Year 12 graduating class from Carlisle Adventist School. Even though we are an Adventist school we are open to families of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds.