Carlisle Adventist College is dedicated to its students achieving their full academic potential. We encourage our students to use higher order thinking skills which provide opportunities for all students to increase their learning capacity and abilities.

We have a qualified, dedicated and innovative teaching staff. Assignments and tasks are designed to provide opportunity for different learning styles to demonstrate understanding, mastery and excellence. Carlisle Adventist College is proud of its tradition of providing enrichment opportunities in academic pursuits.


Carlisle Adventist College is a Seventh-day Adventist school. We believe that within each child is a well of untapped potential. So our goal is to help you child unlock their full potential. We do this through our commitment to providing a high quality, Christ-centred, non-selective education to all who pass through our classrooms.

As part of our curriculum, we provide a wide variety of opportunities for students to choose to develop a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. Our eternal destiny is always in the forefront of our thinking – and so we choose to work in conjunction with families to help students develop strong character traits which will be a solid foundation on which to build the rest of their lives.

Daily class worship, biblical studies classes, weekly chapel programs and practical service activities give students opportunities to develop and share their faith. All staff, including the College Chaplain, work closely to nurture the spiritual growth of our students.


Education has a much broader application than what happens in the classroom.  Therefore Physical Education and sportsmanship are an integral part of the curriculum. Our  HPE (Health and Physical Education) covers health issues, physical skill development and fitness assessments. Physical education and sports programs encourage the students to engage in interpersonal relationships, healthy living, and important interactive skills. Our Carlisle Adventist College students have the opportunity to engage in individual and team sports, both on and off campus. Some of the sporting options include swimming, athletics, netball, gymnastics, oztag, basketball and more. 

Carlisle’s ‘sports house’ system provides plenty of opportunity for healthy competition at athletics, cross-country and swimming carnivals. Our students are allocated to one of two houses, Green and Gold, and encouraged to participate in intra-school sporting competitions held throughout the year. 

 The College engages in three carnivals: 

  • Swimming 
  • Cross country (colour run)
  • Athletics  

For students wishing to push their athleticism further,  they will have an opportunity if selected to progress to Cumberland or Mackay trials, and then, if successful at those trials, to state or possibly national competitions. 


Carlisle Adventist College recognises that many students have creative gifts and talents which they may want to explore.  Within the syllabus Art, Drama, Music and Technology cater for those students who are more creatively and practically-oriented. All students experience these subjects and those students who wish to expand their skills further, are are encouraged to apply themselves by participating in creative activities including singing, art competitions and drama.

Carlisle students also have the opportunity to be involved in musical and drama performances such as Eisteddfod presentations and musical and drama items at various school functions. 

Art programs have been proven to be a creative and expressive outlet for children who otherwise struggle with expressing or understanding their emotions. Art allows these students to safely express and feel things more deeply. They can empathise with a friend and explore philosophical ideas further.  Sometimes the arts can build you child’s gratitude, self-esteem and confidence within themselves. This is why we have established this wonderful program for them to engage in. 

Camps and Excursions

Excursions and camps are offered each year to various, Mackay Regional locations. In past years, our CAC camp locations have included Eungella, Kinchant Dam and Action Challenge.

School camps and excursions are educational and also serve to help in the bonding of the student year groups through shared experiences. Camps aim to build resilience, foster leadership and decision-making abilities and, of course, have fun in a setting away from home where we are out of our comfort zone.

Junior Camp

  • Year 5 & 6 – Our Year 5 & 6 classes get to participate in a combined primary camp with the Year 5 & 6 classes from Riverside Adventist College.

Senior Camps

  • Year 7 to Year 11 engage in supported independence in an outdoor environment where fears are challenged and overcome and resilience is built with both team and individual challenge exercises.
  • Year 11 – Service To Others Really Matters Company (STORMCo) trips encourage service to others by doing community service projects and running kids club in an indigenous community locally or overseas.


Students participate in a range of excursions that relate to various subjects.  These opportunities provide real life experiences and are invaluable in the learning process, helping to cement ideas and experiences not available within our four walls. Depending on the excursion size, our students will travel by the CAC Bus Service or Mackay Transit Coaches. Parents or Carers’ written permission is always sought before a child is transported off campus.