A Day in the Carlisle Way

Primary School

At Carlisle Adventist College, we define’s each students success by them reaching their personal goals.  We see our role as educators, as a partnership with students’ parents. By working in unison with them, we are better equipped to achieve the optimal outcomes for their children.

We understand that each child is unique. So each of our classrooms, from Prep to Year 12, have passionate, committed and innovative teachers. Assessments and classroom activities are designed to stimulate the children’s varying learning styles. This allows each child to learn at their pace and reach their potential in their own time.

Primary Curriculum

Carlisle Adventist College follows the Australian Curriculum.

Our students in Years 1 to Year 6 have Key Learning Areas (KLA’s) which are:

  • Biblical Studies (Encounter)
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • HASS (Humanities and Social Sciences – History/Geography/Civics & Citizenship, Economics and Business)
  • Technologies
  • Health & Physical Education
  • The Arts (Music, Visual Art, Drama, Media Art, Dance)
  • Science

This curriculum is designed to stimulate their learning and encourage them to be confident, creative learners.